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Here at Do My FAFSA we have an incredible group of well trained and experienced FAFSA experts. You can count on us to make sure the FAFSA filing is done right so you get the maximum amount of aid possible.


“When I saw how much work was entailed in filling out the FAFSA ap it was almost scary. Tom, the guy at Do My FAFSA, was go great to work with. Made the whole thing so much easier.” Ellen Bracket


“Thank you Do My FAFSA. You guys know what you’re doing. No doubt when we finished that I was going to get all the money I could out of the system. Doing the application right is the key.” Adolphus Sullivan


”There is so much to do and organize for the FAFSA application. DO My FAFSA was awsome. Led me through everything that had to be done. I can’t imagine anyone being better at this than them.” James Lin

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We have a step-by-step method that simplifies and streamlines the application process

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For the small fee of $69.95, you will save hours of work and reduce the potential difficulties of dealing with financial aid officers