Avoid Not Getting the Aid You Deserve Because of Errors on the Application

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We prepare your application ensuring accuracy and the best opportunity for the financial aid package you deserve.


We have a step-by-step method that simplifies and streamlines the application process.

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For the small fee of $89.95, you will save hours of work and reduce the potential difficulties dealing with financial aid officers

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While you can certainly complete the FAFSA application on your own, it certainly makes sense to use a professional preparer who will make sure the filing is done right and get you the maximum amount of aid possible.

Personal Attention

We work with you over the telephone. That’s right - just you and your professional preparer working together. There are simply too many items that need explanation and discussion and we find a personal phone call is the best and fastest way to complete the application and ensure maximum results.

HelpThe FAFSA can require over 100 different pieces of information. It can quickly become overwhelming. In fact, up to a million students each year fail to finish the process. FAFSA mistakes can also cause weeks of delay, or even the loss of thousands of dollars of potential aid. We work with you and your family providing expert FAFSA application preparation and filing.

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We have helped thousands of students, guiding them through the application process and then preparing and filing the application.

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We offer unlimited assistance. Our preparers stand ready to assist you by phone each weekday, and by e-mail seven days a week, even in the evenings.

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“This service was amazing. Trying to get all this done on my own would have been extremely difficult, plus not even knowing if I did it right. My Do My FAFSA preparer walked me through everything step by step. The service was worth way more that I paid for it.”

- Dan Adams

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Get Started Do My FAFSA is a professional FAFSA preparer in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act passed by Congress in 2008. The FAFSA determines which students are eligible for federal grants, student loans and work-study jobs. The staff at Do My FAFSA are trained to work with students and their families providing expert FAFAS application preparation and filing.